Experienced and professional bookbinding services in Brisbane


As the rest of the world strides boldly into a digital age full of backlit screens, gadgets and e-readers, at Books & Boxes, we remain stoically passionate about creating, preserving, restoring and protecting books to be enjoyed by future generations.

We believe that no digitised text can ever compare to the sheer beauty of a book; the smell of the leather, the touch of luxury paper, the decorative covers, and ornate features such as clasps and locks...the appeals of bound books are endless and timeless.

Opening a beautifully bound book can be like opening a portal to another world and it's this feeling that we aim to capture in all of our work.

As well as creating products of outstanding aesthetic beauty, we never forget the practical purpose that bookbinding serves, which is to protect and preserve the contents. Our bindings are not only gorgeous to look at and handle, but they are also durable and will last a lifetime.

Our specialist binding services

Our highly skilled craftsmen can carry out a number of specialist binding services using both traditional and innovative methods. Our specialised binding services include:

  • General binding
  • Thesis binding
  • Case binding
  • Legal binding
  • Rebinding
  • Library binding
  • Wiro binding
  • Wire binding
  • Ring binders
  • Case binding
  • Slip cases
  • Interscrew covers
  • Chicago screws


We can also design and build custom made boxes to protect books, memorabilia, collectables and other precious items. Our range of stunning handcrafted boxes include

  • Presentation boxes
  • Solander boxes
  • Folio boxes
  • Clamshell boxes

Our products

As well as being able to create incredible hardbound books from a variety of quality materials, we can also use our unique skills and processes to create a number of other amazing products including:

  • Portfolios
  • Menus
  • Photo albums
  • Compendiums
  • Print finishing
  • And much more!

Artisan skills

Books & Boxes has a highly skilled team of craftsmen with over 150 years’ combined experience in the antiquated art of bookbinding. We have all the tools and knowledge necessary to create, restore or repair books using such artisan skills as:

  • Gold foiling
  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Section sewing
  • Side sewing
  • Japanese sewing
  • Strip sewing
  • Singer stitch
  • And more!


To find out more about our incredible bookbinding services, call Books & Boxes today on 07 3276 7155 !
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